Bryon Bay  – The Surfer’s Paradise!!

Firstly it’s been a month travelling and now it’s just getting too much! Sejal has been driving me crazy!

Anyway Sejal survived and our next stop was Bryon Bay known for its surfing. So my main goal was to learn to surf! 

It’s a small seaside town with plenty of choice of restaurants and a few bars.

The beach like surfers paradise is amazing and stunning! 

Interesting fact Bryon Bay is better for surfing than Surfers Paradise because Bryon Bay has a point break edge allowing the waves to break in a sideways manner which is optimal conditions for surfing. Surfers Paradise is a straight beach and when the waves break it breaks straight to the shallow beach which doesn’t leave enough time to surf.

The surfing lessons were not bad, about £25 for 4 hours.  Definitely worth it.

So some pictures, I managed to stand up on the surf board. It’s not as easy as people make it! You have to time the wave perfectly.  The hardest and most tiring part is walking back after catching a wave.  It definitely builds appetite.

After two days of surfing and having swallowed most of the sea water we were going to take the 12 hour bus to Sydney! This is not my favourite part of the travelling thats for sure.


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